Upcoming Game Teaser!

Posted: 25th February 2013 by Andrew in Development, Games, Life

Recently I’ve been working a lot on finishing City Run, as well as working on a few other things. I wanted to share a picture of a game I am also working on:

Space Game Teaser

Space Game Teaser

I hope you like it. New games are soon to come!

Coursera Certificate

Posted: 17th December 2012 by Andrew in Development, Games, Life

Hello! I have not posted in forever, but I have some news. Over the past few months I have been taking a college course class(Learning to program the fundamentals on coursera.org) over basic programming and learning lots of the programming language python. And after doing the final exam, I earned a certificate for passing the class.

"Cousera Certificate"

I also have some news on my first game City Run. It looks like it hasn’t gone anywhere since I first uploaded the free version, but soon enough the full version for it will be released. I just gotta add a few more fixes and it should be finished. After I get City Run finished and submitted I’m going to be working on something big. Anyways, I will be making more posts in the future.

I hope you enjoy my games and stuff!

New Directions

Posted: 10th February 2011 by Andrew in Development, Games, Life

I am currently redoing my site to be more game development focused. Look for information on new games I am making in the Games section. Anything I have up for sharing I will put in the Downloads section. So far I have a game I made yesterday up there. I will also add texture packs and other downloadables there.

I hope you enjoy my games and watching me get better at making games.